High Pitch Erik – Embedded

High Pitch Erik - Embedded

April 27, 2015

High Pitch Erik – Embedded

(A new episode all week long following the Wrap Up Show!)

Report by Jon Leiberman:

When producer Gregg Karmel and I entered the jail-cell sized apartment that Howard Stern wack packer High-Pitch Erik calls home, we were shocked. Shocked, not at the physical surroundings, but at the position in which Erik was perched.

He was seated in a small chair, at a small desk, with a small video game controller. His head, angled just three feet away from a large television monitor. His fingers, feverishly pressing the remote controller to his Major League Baseball video game. His mind, utterly consumed by the action on the virtual field.

And so it began. Over the coming hours, we would get an in-depth look at how High-Pitch Erik lives. We would go to the gym with him. We would break bread (or fettuccine Alfredo as it were) with him. We would hear of the latest allegations of peeping against him, and his penchant for asking his best friend Joey Boots to both tuck him in and snuggle at night. Most of all, we would try to get inside of his head.

For long-time Stern fans and newcomers alike, this is a slice of life like none other, because well, High-Pitch Erik is like none other.


HIGH PITCH ERIK EMBEDDED runs Monday through Friday during the week of April 26th, a new episode of Embedded will premiere every day on Howard 101 after the Wrap Up Show.

The entire series can also be heard on SiriusXM On Demand


Fine dining with High Pitch

Erik’s kitchen

Erik’s sleeping quarters

Pill bottles and fish – Jon Leiberman on the High Pitch Erik beat

The apartment – all in one shot

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Episode 1: Sensing that High-Pitch’s life is at a crossroads, Jon Leiberman makes the trek to his Bronx, N.Y. apartment to catch us up on all things Erik.

Episode 2: Jon Leiberman discovers High-Pitch Erik’s sexual naiveté, and investigates a recent scandal that threatened to ruin his reputation.

Episode 3: We hit the gym with Erik, and learn of his brief, yet determined workout routine.

Episode 4: Embedded dives mouth first into High-Pitch’s eating habits, in a caloric expose unlike any you’ve ever heard before.

Episode 5: Jon Leiberman goes in-depth to learn about the bromance between Erik and Joey Boots, before discovering High-Pitch’s infatuation with Donnie Wahlberg.

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