Jimmy Kimmel and 9 Other Celebrity Superfans of the Stern Show

From buying gifts for Wack Packers to smelling Richard Christy's balls, these stars will do just about anything for Howard

May 11, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Conquering New York and Philadelphia was easy for Howard but it wasn’t until the summer of 1991 that a first-of-its-kind syndication deal introduced millions of Los Angeles radio listeners (including a slew of celebrities) to a morning show unlike anything they’d ever heard. Howard Stern had landed in Hollywood.

And just like that, the Celebrity Superfans were born.

Countless stars still confess to having a healthy addiction to the Stern Show and most are willing to do just about anything in order to prove their love to Howard – from buying Eric the Actor gifts off of his Amazon wish list, to volunteering to be a Stern Show intern for the morning. One celeb was even willing to endure smelling Richard Christy’s unwashed balls. But who amongst Howard’s many mega-famous followers loves him the most?

Here are the Top 10 hardcore celebrity superfans and what they’ve done for Howard and his audience in the past:

Jimmy Kimmel

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* Winner of the 2008 Celebrity Superfan Trivia Contest

* Hosted the 2013 Birthday Bash

* Purchased Eric the Actor multiple items off of his Amazon.com Wish List, including a BB gun and a Kellie Pickler CD

* Frequently vacations with Howard and Beth

* Regularly hosts parties in Howard’s honor with some of the biggest names in Hollywood on the guest list

Natalie Maines

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* Host and co-creator of Celebrity Superfan Roundtable alongside Jeff Probst

* Her Twitter profile used to state that anyone who doesn’t like Howard Stern shouldn’t follow her. Now, she simply greets her Twitter fans with, “Hey now”

* Sang “When I See Beth Smiling” at Howard and Beth’s wedding in 2008

* Huge fan of Eric the Actor. Mourned him on Twitter the day he passed away

Sarah Silverman

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

* Sniffed Richard Christy’s unwashed balls in 2007, describing the smell as, “raw sourdough in a vat of mayonnaise that was in a trunk of a ’70s car for the summer”

* Wrote and performed the song, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Stop the Clock” alongside Natalie Maines at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash

Jonah Hill

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* While shooting a film, Jonah makes only one demand: that there be an automobile on set so that he can listen to the Howard Stern Show. He explained to Howard during his 2011 appearance that listening to the Show is, “the most calming thing,” he can do on a chaotic movie set

* Has offered to intern for the Howard Stern Show whenever he’s needed

* Revealed to Howard that he has watched “Private Parts” to prepare for his own roles in movies

Jillian Barberie

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* Has professed her love for Howard and the show numerous times on “Good Day LA” and while appearing on various other television programs

* Paid for Ralph Cirella’s party in 2015

* Admitted she would have “banged” Howard when they both were single

Jeff Probst

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* Used to have tapes of the Howard Stern Show mailed to him while on location shooting “Survivor”

* Host and co-creator of Celebrity Superfan Roundtable alongside Natalie Maines

* Came in second in the Celebrity Superfan Trivia Contest

* Was the audience correspondent for the 2014 Howard Stern Birthday Bash

Jerry O’Connell

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

* Competed in Celebrity Superfan trivia contest in 2008

* His mother was Beetlejuice’s teacher at PS 31 in New Jersey. She gave Jerry’s treasured Marcus Allen jersey to Beetlejuice without Jerry’s permission

* Was the first celebrity to join the Stern Show Staff’s Fantasy Football League

David Arquette

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* Interned for the Stern Show in 2011

* Surprised Howard Stern and the audience with an unannounced visit from his ex-wife Courteney Cox

* Frequently calls in with unfiltered thoughts on his life, love and philosophy

* Interviewed celebrities at the Oscars as the Stern Show’s red carpet correspondent

Ryan Phillippe

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* Gave Robin the lap dance of her life at the Birthday Bash (see video below)

* Befriended Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer and took him under his wing

* Openly endorsed Jon Leiberman to take over Brian Williams job on “NBC Nightly News”

Jason Alexander

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

* After receiving an honorary degree from Boston University in 1998, Jason spoke at the commencement ceremony and suggested that the university should finally honor their alumnus Howard Stern

* Claims to have been listening to the Howard Stern Show since he was 16

* Once explained that he often sticks up for Howard against women who dislike his humor, including his own wife. Jason said, “Many times I’ve said, ‘he’s never put a gun to anybody’s head and said you must do this whacked out stuff'”

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