#FBF: Wendy the Slow Adult’s First Ever Call to Howard (Audio)

Which Comedian Was Also Here the Day a Wack Packer Was Born?

September 24, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“Wendy, go ahead.”

The show was winding down on the morning of Feb. 26, 2002. Howard began plunking down the last few calls of the day and opened the line on a woman who had been waiting patiently on hold. Her voice was soft and sweet and had a slight southern drawl, not to mention a simplistic delivery that keyed Howard and his audience into the fact that she was “special.”

Her name at that point was only Wendy, but she would soon become a celebrity to Stern fans and beyond.

“I wrote a poem for you,” Wendy told Howard gently before reciting the following:

“Roses are red,Violets are blue,Howard Stern, your show rocks every morning,And I listen to you every week,And I also love the way you have a cool show every morning.”

“Honey, that doesn’t rhyme,” Howard told his new fan, though he made sure to also tell her that he loved what she’d written for him.

Graduating from great caller to undisputed Wack Pack member usually happens in an instant and Wendy was no exception. Decades of experience has made Howard an expert in recognizing radio gold and when he hears it, he knows better than to hang up so quickly. We learned quite a bit about Wendy that morning – she loves to bowl, she lives in Florida, and she uses tampons.

As is still the case during a call from Wendy, she was open to answering just about any question thrown her way, even if her responses didn’t make much sense. After Robin asked if she had ever had sex, Wendy answered, “Yeah, I’m a little sick.”

One thing was for sure, Wendy found a home where she was not only accepted, she was treasured.

Lucky enough to be in the Stern Show studio that day was comedian Adam Carolla, who seemed especially fascinated with Wendy’s personal story.

Listen to audio of Wendy the Slow Adult’s first call below.

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