Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Mick The Nerd’s ‘Dark One Chronicles’ Comic Book

The newest Wack Packer is creating some content of his own!

November 30, 2015
Mick the Nerd and Wolfie Mick the Nerd and Wolfie Photo: The Howard Stern Show

You may know that Mick the Nerd is the Stern Show’s resident Wack Pack comic expert, but did you know he was an artist and writer himself? Check out some of Mick’s work below!

About ‘Dark One Chronicles’

“‘Dark One Chronicles First offering'” is the first issue of the Stuffworld anthology, written by Mickee C Robinson (a.k.a. Mick the Nerd) with cover co-created by Jason Lenox. It follows a character based on [Mick], only possessed by four spirits and is the reincarnation of a thousands year old thunder god. Part comedy, part fantasy, part confusing, and a bunch of other parts I don’t want to reveal.”

If you’re interested, you can support Mick’s efforts by donating on his Kickstarter page!

Check out more from Mick’s ‘Dark One Chronicles here!

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