How to Draw Howard Stern With DC Comics' Brian Buccellato

Writer and artist Brian Buccellato showed us how it's done

If there's a person at DC Comics who you'd want to classify as a "Jack of All Trades," look no further than Brian Buccellato -- he's done it all and then some.

Buccellato, a New York native, moved out to Los Angeles with "half a degree" in English from NYU and got his first job in comics as a colorist on the Marvel/DC crossover "PUNISHER/BATMAN" in 1994, after being introduced to the world of comics by his award-winning brother Steve. He would later go on to become a writer/artist on a number of incredibly prominent DC comics, most notably "Flash" and "Batman: Detective Comics."

Currently, Brian writes "Deadshot" and "Injustice: Gods Among Us" for DC, as well as his own creator-owned series "Sons of the Devil" for Image.

We caught up with Brian at New York Comic Con where he showed us how to draw Howard Stern (watch above).