Judd Apatow Discovered Amy Schumer on the Howard Stern Show

The acclaimed director, producer, and writer revealed when he first took an interest in the comedian

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Judd Apatow is known amongst the comedic ranks has having something of a golden touch, but on Tuesday he took a moment to tip his hat to another powerhouse tastemaker -- none other than Howard Stern himself.

The acclaimed director, producer, and writer behind one comedy hit after another dropped by the Stern Show Tuesday morning and revealed to Howard how he first became interested in working with the ├╝ber-talented Amy Schumer (whom he co-wrote the upcoming "Trainwreck" flick with).

"First of all I'd like to say thank you, because after listening to the show for 32 years, you finally made me some money," Apatow joked. He remembered driving to work and hearing her in an interview years ago with Howard talking at length about her relationships, her dad having MS and how dealing with that affected her. It was "really dark humor," he recalled.

Apatow found himself unable to leave his car for an hour as the interview progressed. "In my head I thought, 'Oh, these are movies!'" Though he had not known much about her prior to hearing the interview, he saw some real heart in her answers -- she was "riotously funny" even though she was talking about a grim subject like her father battling a terrible disease.

Howard wondered how Judd could tell she would be a great actress after only hearing an interview with her. "You don't know," Apatow conceded. You take a chance and either it pays off or it doesn't. Then there's the moment after she delivered a handful of pages where he went from hoping she was the real deal to knowing she was the real deal.

Check out a clip from that fateful interview below: