Exclusive Howard Stern Show Valentines Are Here!

Tan Mom, Beetlejuice, and even JD will help you say something romantic this year

February 12, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Happy Valentine’s Day, Stern fans!

Sunday is the most romantic day of the year. That time to let your significant other know how you feel through flowers, chocolates, stuffed bears, expensive jewels, etc. That is, until now.

Print or share these exclusive Stern Show Valentines, and your sweetheart (or person you stalk) will forget all about those fancy gifts! Let that special someone know you care … the Stern Show way!


Step One: Click on each valentine to get a larger file.

Step Two: Right click + save to your Desktop.

Step Three: Upload the file to your sweetheart’s Facebook wall or the social media account of your choice.

Step Four: Live happily ever after.

Riley Martin

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tan Mom

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

JD Harmeyer

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff the Drunk

Photo: The Howard Stern Show


Photo: The Howard Stern Show
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