Sal Governale Gets Praised for Wearing Man Makeup

Stern Show staffer was mentioned Wednesday on Yahoo News' beauty page in an article about Eric Stonestreet's use of bronzer

July 27, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show writer Sal Governale found his name on Yahoo News’ beauty page Wednesday morning after a style and beauty columnist praised the former stockbroker for being one of the few male celebrities who admits to wearing “man makeup.”

The primary focus of the article is “Modern Family” star and past Stern Show guest Eric Stonestreet, who on Sunday posted this picture of himself covered in bronzer:

Photo: Instagram

The article’s author Kristine Solomon praises Stonestreet for being secure enough in his masculinity to not only play a gay character on TV but also post pictures of himself covered in a bronzer made for him by Bobbi Brown. She then goes on to list other prominent men who have made their makeup habits public, including rockstars Brandon Flowers and Adam Lambert, actors Jared Leto and Russell Brand, and, well, Sal.

“Howard Stern Show personality and writer Sal Governale has been open about covering his under-eye circles with concealer, famously heading home in a blizzard to get his precious CoverFX,” Solomon writes.

Yes, Sal did in fact brave a blizzard back in 2015 to rescue his cosmetic bag. For more on what happened that morning, as well as a peek inside the staffer’s makeup bag, click here.

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