This Singer Has No Idea He’s Playing a Matisyahu Song in Front of Matisyahu

A street performer in Maui doesn’t really know his audience

August 3, 2016

Street performers rarely need to know their audience, but occasionally they probably should.

A video recently surfaced of a guy singing the Matisyahu’s song “One Day” in the streets of Maui, Hawaii who had no idea that Matisyahu himself was standing right in front of him the whole time.

Though the distinctive-looking rapper and former Stern Show guest has changed his appearance a fair amount over the years and may have been somewhat unrecognizable, the street singer could have at least been tipped off by the sound of Matisyahu literally singing along to his own song.

Fortunately for the performer, the reality of the situation all sinks in by the end.

Matisyahu’s director, producer, and bassist Stu Brooks first posted the video, which you can read more about at Mashable.

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