VIDEO: The Olympics Need Competitive Contact Juggling

A look at the pin-tossing, opponent-pummeling event the world games didn't realize it was missing

August 11, 2016

Every Olympics is a opportunity to expose the world to a variety of different, exotic events. However, the Olympics — as a concept — will remain imperfect so long as they are absent one event: Competitive contact juggling.

As shown in this video, posted to Facebook by juggler Josh Horton (and partially narrated by friend of the Stern Show, Penn Jillette), competitive contact juggling is exactly what it sounds like, and seems to require razor-sharp focus and aggressive brutality in equal measure. This video shows the intense 2014 Oomba WJF Combat Juggling showdown between Horton and opponent Dominik Harrant. As one might imagine, it’s an intense spectator experience.

Olympic committee, take note; there’d better be guys throwing pins in the air and attempting to pummel each other in 2020.

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