VIDEO: 86-Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair Slams ‘Bitch’ Who Stole Her Purse

“She wanted to hurt me and the bitch don't even know me!” Bernice Starnes tells a WPIX reporter

September 15, 2016

“Miss Bernice is a senior citizen you do not want to mess with,” begins Ayana Harry’s WPIX report on the 86-year-old Bronx woman who recently had her purse stolen and thrown in the garbage.

“She wanted to hurt me and the bitch don’t even know me!” Bernice Starnes, the wheelchair-bound victim of the purse snatching, said of her assailant.

The crime was caught on camera and the perpetrator was identified as Adrienne Terry. The NYPD later arrested Terry, charging her with grand and petty larceny.

“I hope that the women in prison beat her ass everyday for as long as she’s in there,” Starnes continued, adding “I’m supposed to feel sorry for that bitch? I don’t.”

A Pix 11 reporter caught up with Terry as she was being thrust into the backseat of a police car and asked her for comment.

“It wasn’t me,” Terry said.

Watch the news segment in its entirety (above).

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