VIDEO: ‘Queer Ghost Hunters’ to Make Contact With Gay Spirits

A new web series finally brings together the supernatural and LGBTQ communities

October 12, 2016

Televised ghost hunting has been primarily a straight cis practice thus far, but a revolution may be underway.

“Queer Ghost Hunters,” a new web series from documentary filmmaker Stu Maddox, sets out to give queer ghosts a voice. The series follows a ghost hunting crew known as the Stonewall Ghost Hunters as they travel to prisons, mansions, and mental institutions in search of “hidden stories of lost LGBT lives.”

“Sadly enough, throughout history our LGBTQ community members were disproportionately incarcerated in jails and prisons, committed to asylums and were overwhelmingly employed in theaters and opera houses,” the group writes on their Facebook page. “These are all places that ghosthunters love to investigate. So why don’t ghosthunters ever seem to find any queer ghosts?!!”

Check out the trailer (top), and this first episode (above) in which the hunters travel to Toledo, Ohio to make contact with lesbian nuns.

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