Video: Guy Purposely Stings Himself With One of Earth’s Most Painful Insects

Coyote Peterson allows a tarantula hawk wasp to get the best of him on the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel

October 19, 2016

Coyote Peterson has given a whole new meaning to the term “self-inflicted pain.”

In a video published Tuesday to the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, the “Breaking Trail” host purposely stung himself with a tarantula hawk — the second most painful insect in the world (behind, he says, the bullet ant).

“They say it’s like being stunned with a taser…it puts you in a state of paralysis for five minutes where all you can do is scream,” he says with shaky hands just before stinging himself.

And scream he does.

“That is the most intense pain I’ve ever felt,” he says in between grunts. “I don’t think I can talk.”

Check out the video for yourself (above); skip ahead to the 10:48 mark for the moment of truth.

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