Watch President of the Philippines Give a Double ‘Baba Booey’ Shout-Out

Rodrigo Duterte is definitely multilingual and possibly a Stern Show superfan

October 26, 2016

Is this the first time a world leader has let out a Baba Booey? President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte was holding a press conference recently and said the popular Stern Show shout-out not once but twice while discussing the European Union.

Duterte can be heard going between speaking in English and Filipino, though it’s unclear which language he was speaking when he uttered “Baba Booey.” According to Google Translate, “baba” means “chin” in Filipino; Booey…just means booey. But who better to explain what “baba booey” means in Filipino than Baba Booey himself, Gary Dell’Abate.

“It means ‘to drive out pigs,'” he told Howard during Wednesday’s show.

“It’s catching on,” Howard said of Duterte’s Booey bomb.

“It’s going international,” Robin added.

Watch the President of the Philippines’ double Baba Booey (above) starting at 2:29.

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