Video: Leg Waxing in Extreme Slow Motion Is Even Harder to Watch Than You’d Think

YouTubers the Slow Mo Guys wax their legs at 28,000 frames per second

November 1, 2016
Photo: Youtube

As video technology evolves, so too do the things people decide to film.

Case in point: YouTubers the Slow Mo Guys (Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy) have posted a video of their own legs getting waxed in super slow motion — 28,000 frames per second, to be exact, using a Phantom V2411 slow motion camera. Leg waxing can be unpleasant to watch at normal speed, but the slow motion on display here brings the beautification process to new levels of cringe.

Previous slow-motion videos from the Slow Mo Guys include bullets being shot underwater, a hammer through a mirror, and a Lego plane crash.

See if you can handle the whole six minutes of waxing (below).

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