Video: Adult Woman Steals Full Bowl of Halloween Candy

Check out this not-so-slick lady's attempt to ruin Halloween for the rest of her neighborhood

November 2, 2016
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Trick or treating is a sacred Halloween tradition. However, it comes with a few hard and fast rules: children must be involved, a costume must be worn, and, if an unsupervised candy bowl is left out, you take only a piece or two (as Howard discussed yesterday).

This woman – caught by a hidden camera in a video posted on Reddit – breaks every single one of those rules. The costume-less candy fiend filled her shopping bag with a punch bowl of candy – no doubt intended for festive trick or treaters passing through – before running off. Considering she brazenly did the deed during daylight, its safe to assume that plenty of children had yet to hit up this particular house.

No word on whether the candy was recovered.

Check out the video (below).

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