Video: Bungee Jumper Dunks Cookie During Record-Setting 240-Foot Plunge

Watch Simon Berry of England set a Guinness World Record for “bungee dunking”

November 18, 2016

Simon Berry of Sheffield, England, is now the proud holder of a Guinness World Record for the highest “bungee dunk.” On Thursday he performed the death-defying feat during a 240-foot plunge and captured the entire ordeal on camera.

For the unaware, “bungee dunking” is a variation on bungee jumping in which the jumper holds a cookie, cracker, or biscuit in hand and attempts to dunk it into a spot of tea situated on the ground below. To do so successfully obviously requires great precision, as a miscalculation could result in missing the mark entirely or — worse — dunking one’s whole body into the cup.

But for Mr. Berry, 24, things went smoothly. He dunked a Chocolate Hobnob into a cup of tea and lived to tell the tale (as well as eat the delicious treat).

Check out the record-breaking video (above).

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