Video: OK Go's Super Slow-Mo Video Is Insane

The power pop band's video for “The One Moment” features only 4.2-seconds of footage

Photo: Facebook

Power pop band OK Go are known for their ambitious, mind-blowing music videos, from synchronized treadmills in "Here I Go Again" to an elaborate Rube Goldberg-device in "This Too Shall Pass." Their latest video continues that trend of innovation by taking things to a slower gear.

"The One Moment" (a song from 2014's "Hungry Ghosts") utilizes only 4.2 seconds of actual footage, but stretches it to over four minutes, with certain shots slowed down by 20,000 percent. Needless to say, the band makes the best use of that slim time frame, packing in 325 different events. Guitars explode, band members come alive via flipbook, glass walls break, and much more. The video's 4.2 seconds is the shortest amount of footage ever used for a music video.

Take a look at "The One Moment" (below).

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