Video: Parking Lot Altercation Quickly Turns Into Demolition Derby

Cameras caught two Los Angeles women in a brawl which started with kicks and ended with ramming

December 2, 2016

Road Rage in Los Angeles recently reached new heights after a parking lot brawl between two women escalated into a de facto SUV demolition derby. The brutal incident was captured by witnesses on video and the footage has since gone viral.

The video starts as one woman is already on the ground getting kicked. She eventually stands up, pounds on the other woman’s passenger door, and then returns to her own SUV so she could use it to ram the other vehicle. After slamming into the passenger door of the second SUV (and nearly taking it off), both vehicles started going at it head on. It even spilled over from the parking lot to the street.

It’s unclear whether anyone was seriously injured, but reports indicate a nearby fire hydrant was destroyed.

Police told ABC7 that neither party had contacted them regarding the incident. However, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was notified of the gushing hydrant and has already sent a team out to fix it.

Watch the video (above).

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