Kevin Nealon: ‘Previously on the Stern Show’ Quiz

See how well you remember the actor-comedian's past visits

December 5, 2016

Actor, comedian, and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kevin Nealon returns to the Stern Show on Wednesday. See how well you remember his past visits by playing his “Previously on the Stern Show” quiz!

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  • 1. In 2014, Kevin told Howard everything almost went horribly wrong while performing for the first time on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.” The reason? Kevin _____ just as he took the stage.

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    • Ripped the seat of his pants

    • Forgot his entire act

    • Tripped and fell

    • Felt nauseous

  • 2. Kevin and Steve Martin are good friends. He told Howard the two of them met on the set of which acclaimed ’80s film?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “Roxanne”

    • “¡Three Amigos!”

    • “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

    • “L.A. Story”

  • 3. Kevin was a “Saturday Night Live” cast member from 1986 to 1995. In 2011, he told Howard that this Stern Show guest actually helped him land the audition for the NBC series

    • Photo: NBC

      Phil Hartman

    • Photo: NBC

      Dana Carvey

    • Photo: NBC

      Chevy Chase

    • Photo: NBC

      David Spade

  • 4. Kevin revealed to Howard that his favorite sketch in all his years on “SNL” was “The Bathroom Attendant,” during which he stood over tough-guy actor _____ while he pretended to poop

    • Photo: Universal Pictures

      Al Pacino

    • Photo: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

      Robert De Niro

    • Photo: Artisan Entertainment

      Harvey Keitel

    • Photo: TriStar

      Sylvester Stallone

  • 5. Speaking of bathrooms, in 2014 Kevin told Howard the most famous person he ever peed next to was director _____.

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Martin Scorsese

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Woody Allen

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Steven Spielberg

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Tim Burton

  • 6. Kevin worked at _______ before becoming famous and told Howard he met several celebrities there, including Barbra Streisand and Mel Brooks

    Photo: AP
    • In-N-Out Burger

    • Mann’s Chinese Theatre

    • A luxury car dealership

    • the Hollywood DMV

  • 7. Kevin also bartended at The Improv in Hollywood before making it big. He told Howard this was his philosophy when it came to serving drinks:

    Photo: Facebook
    • “Every drink gets a tiny umbrella.”

    • “Ask for tips first.”

    • “The more alcohol the better.”

    • “Just make sure their drinks are the right color.”

  • 8. Kevin crossed paths with several legendary comedians while working at The Improv, including Andy Kaufman. He told Howard he once cornered Andy after a set and listened to him talk about _____ for an hour

    Photo: NBC
    • Transcendental Meditation

    • Peace in the Middle East

    • “Mighty Mouse”

    • Badminton

  • 9. In 2016, Kevin appeared in a Xarelto commercial hitting the links with golf legend Arnold Palmer. During his 2011 visit to the Stern Show Kevin told Howard a funny story about attending a golf clinic with which fellow “Weekend Update” anchor?

    • Photo: NBC

      Norm Macdonald

    • Photo: NBC

      Amy Poehler

    • Photo: NBC

      Jane Curtin

    • Photo: NBC

      Dennis Miller

You got 0 of 9correct.

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