Video: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Roast Each Other on BBC Radio 1

Watch the “Passengers” co-stars exchange barbs in a game of “Playground Insults”

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, co-stars of the upcoming sci-fi flick "Passengers," dropped by BBC Radio 1 this week to basically roast one another during a game of "Playground Insults." The rules are simple: the two contestants face each other alone in a room and are free to exchange whatever insults they'd like. Whoever unleashes the most devastating, hilarious barb wins.

Some highlights include Pratt asking Lawrence, "Why did they call it 'Joy'?," and Lawrence declaring, "'I really loved you in 'Everwood,' said no one ever."

Watch the entire intimate insult-off (above).

"Passengers" opens in theaters Dec. 21.