Doctors Remove Surgical Scissors From Man’s Stomach 18-Years After Leaving Them There

The medical instrument had reportedly grown rusty inside the 54-year-old Vietnamese man's belly

January 4, 2017
Photo: ITN

A 54-year-old Vietnamese man underwent surgery on Saturday to have a pair of medical scissors removed from his abdomen after they’d apparently been left there by doctors back in 1998.

Yes, the scissors had sat in Ma Van Nhat’s belly for a full 18 years before he or anyone else realized they were there. The scissors reportedly never even caused him any discomfort until recently, and it took an unrelated car accident (and a subsequent ultrasound) for medical professionals to spot the six-inch surgical tool.

Though the scissors had rusted and were sticking to the man’s organs, doctors at Cast-Iron and Steel Hospital in the northern province of Thai Nguyen were able to remove them without complication.

After questioning Nhat about his medical history, doctors learned he had underwent a minor medical procedure at Bac Kan General Hospital in 1998, which is when they assume the scissors were left in. The director at Bac Kan is investigating the incident vigorously, though the doctors involved may well have retired.

Nhat is still in the hospital, but he’s scheduled to be released soon, according to reports.

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