Photos: The World Lets It All Hang Out for No Pants Subway Ride 2017

See commuters from New York to Los Angeles to Toronto riding trains in their underwear

January 9, 2017
Los Angeles commuters participate in the 2017 No Pants Subway Ride Los Angeles commuters participate in the 2017 No Pants Subway Ride Photo: Twitter

This weekend, Americans gave new meaning to the phrase “the land of the free” as they let it all hang out during the annual No Pants Subway Ride.

Originated by New York City’s Improv Everywhere comedy collective in 2002, the pants-free event was reportedly created in order to give Gothamites a reprieve from otherwise dull commutes. Since then, the annual event has spread from coast to coast, infecting cities like Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles with the pants-free spirit. This year, there were even participants in international cities like Prague, Berlin, and Toronto.

As usual, riders got creative with the concept. Some participants wore suits from the waist up, while others flaunted neon and undies and furry boots as if they were headed to a rave. New York’s WABC 7 spoke to one participant, Peter Saez, partaking for the third time: “People who don’t understand what we’re doing will look at us like we’re doing something bad or wrong,” he told WABC. “It’s just for fun. It’s a fun trip, that’s all.”

Check out photos from the 2017 No Pants Subway Ride (below).

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