Video: Watch a Kangaroo Rat Evade a Terrifyingly Quick Rattlesnake in Super Slow-Motion

A biologist from UC-Riverside captures the predator-prey moment at 500 frames per second

January 13, 2017
Photo: Youtube

If you thought Mother Nature was terrifying in real time, this super slow-motion infrared video of a rattlesnake attacking a kangaroo rat is sure to provide some extra nightmare fuel.

Timothy Higham, a biologist from University of California, Riverside, captured the predator-prey moment at high speed (500 frames per second) while in the New Mexico desert. In addition to looking cool, the high-speed footage has helped evolutionary biologists develop a hypothesis on predatory evolution in the wild, which Higham and his team published on

As for the kangaroo rat? The hopping rodent escaped the clutches of death this time, but not without a good scare.

Check out the videos (below).

h/t: Gizmodo

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