These Are the Jamaican Beef Patties High Pitch Erik Loves Oh-So Much

The Wack Packer discussed the popular food item on Tuesday's show

January 17, 2017
Photo: iStock

High Pitch Erik called in during Robin’s News on Tuesday and offered up some gritty details regarding his recent dietary habits. Responding to Gary Dell’Abate’s inquiry about an “insane” dinner he had reportedly eaten, the Wack Packer shared a list of everything he had ingested Monday night.

“I didn’t go to the buffet last night,” Erik told Howard. “I had two beef patties, penne alla vodka, and a sausage parm hero.”

After explaining to Erik that he had actually eaten three different dinners in one setting, Howard and Robin asked for specifics about the beef patties.

“[They were] in a yellow taco shell with spicy meat inside,” Erik explained.

This prompted a discussion between Erik, Ralph Cirella, and Shuli Egar about the difference between tacos and Erik’s recently consumed beef dish. “It’s called a Jamaican beef patty,” Erik said, explaining that they’re often sold in pizza places.

“It’s a meat pillow,” Shuli added.

Jamaican beef patties (pictured above) are indeed a New York City staple. As far back as 1995, the New York Times was writing about how the “spicy meat turnovers with flaky orange crusts” had gone from the streets of Kingston to NYC pizzerias.

For more on the evolution of the dish, click here. For information on the best beef patties around, click here.

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