Netflix Snags Martin Scorsese’s Highly-Anticipated Robert De Niro Film

“The Irishman” marks the streaming service's latest major acquisition

February 22, 2017
Photo: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Netflix this week continued to grow their dominion over all entertainment by acquiring worldwide rights to a major Hollywood film — Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” starring Robert De Niro. The film is based on “I Heard You Paint Houses,” a book about actual mobster Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (who De Niro will portray).

“The Irishman,” the ninth team-up between Scorsese and De Niro, starts filming later this year. The film also depicts Sheeran’s early life, but rather than casting a different actor or covering De Niro in prosthetics, CGI will be utilized to make De Niro appear younger. “Imagine seeing what De Niro looked like in ‘The Godfather: Part II’ days, that’s pretty much how you’re going to see him again,” producer Gaston Pavlovich told CinemaBlend.

Previous reports indicated “The Irishman” cast might also include De Niro’s “Heat” and “Godfather II” co-star Al Pacino. According to Indiewire, which broke the news of the Netflix acquisition, Pacino’s involvement is still being negotiated.

Netflix has been particularly busy lately, especially in the stand-up comedy field, having recently struck exclusive deals with Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer, among others.

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