New Study Reveals Straight Women Are Less Likely to Orgasm Than Everyone Else

Heterosexual ladies orgasm less regularly than lesbian women, bisexual women, and all men, according to research

February 24, 2017
Photo: iStock

New research indicates heterosexual women may be the least likely group of sexually-active humans to regularly achieve orgasm.

The academic study, published just after Valentine’s Day in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, reveals 65 percent of straight women orgasm regularly. Far more lesbian women (86 percent), meanwhile, report regularly reaching completion.

Straight males are the group most likely to report consistent orgasms, according to the report—95 percent of straight men polled said they orgasm regularly.

Thankfully, the researchers from Indiana University, Chapman University, and Claremont Graduate University indicated the “orgasm gap” can be narrowed. According to research, penetrative sex alone cannot help all women reach completion, so they recommend that straight couples mix in some oral sex while getting down. Their other suggestions include anal stimulation, acting out sexual fantasies, and, of course, more communication between partners.

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