VIDEO: Elon Musk Says His ‘Big F—king Rocket’ Will Transport People to Any City on Earth in Under an Hour

SpaceX founder unveils “BFR” concept video at Australia’s 68th International Astronautical Congress

September 29, 2017

In addition to enabling interplanetary travel, Elon Musk just revealed the next rocket he’s building will allow people to get to any city on Earth in under an hour.

The SpaceX and Tesla founder unveiled financing plans to get humans to Mars by 2024 at this week’s 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia. In a concept video published to SpaceX’s YouTube channel (above), Musk also illustrated how the company’s upcoming “BFR”—i.e. “Big Fucking Rocket”—would revolutionize transportation right here on Earth.

Capable of going 18,000 mph, the reusable rocket would both transport people across the solar system and also make lightning-quick “Earth to Earth” trips, with “most” long journeys taking less than 30 minutes, according to an Engadget report of Musk’s presentation. The trip from New York City to Shanghai (seen above) clocks in at only 39 minutes. Perhaps most impressively, Musk said the price of a ride on his rocket will be comparable to economy airline travel.

Watch the “BFR” video (above) and get more on the story here.

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