VIDEO: Charlize Theron Stabs a Man With a Stiletto in Latest 'Atomic Blonde' Clip

James McAvoy co-stars in the action-packed spy film hitting theaters July 28

Charlize Theron once again blends style with savagery in the latest clip from her upcoming spy flick “Atomic Blonde.”

Set to a cover of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom,” a scene in the new trailer shows Charlize turning the tables from the backseat of a car by slipping off one of her red stilettos and using it to stab a man in the chest. The car flips over and crashes, but thankfully co-star James McAvoy materializes to both lend Charlize a hand and return her shoe.

As in the first explosive “Atomic Blonde” trailer, which showed Charlize shooting dudes and kissing chicks, this latest entry teases the same kind of stylized action that director David Leitch debuted in his 2014 hit “John Wick.”

“Atomic Blonde”—co-starring Sofia Boutella (“The Mummy”), Toby Jones (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”), and Stern Show guest John Goodman—hits theaters July 28.

Check out the new trailer (above).