See a Seagull Fall for a Beach Babe in Weezer’s ‘Mexican Fender’ Music Video

Rock band’s new EP “Pacific Daydream” debuts Oct. 27

August 17, 2017

Weezer’s new music video is literally for the birds.

On Friday the band dropped their comedic vid for “Mexican Fender,” a single from the upcoming album “Pacific Daydream,” set to hit shelves in October.

While the song lyrics portray a summer fling between two people who met at a guitar shop, the video (above) offers up a different kind of love story—one between a seagull and a swimsuit-clad beach babe. After side-eying a beautiful woman while she swims, the bird in question begins bringing her presents—from popsicles to car keys.

Like so many summer flings, however, this one doesn’t last.

The lady scolds the bird as it tries to steal another woman’s purse and their relationship seems doomed … until she finally takes pity on the forlorn creature and gives it the peck of a lifetime. Unfortunately for the bird, though, she has by this time worked up quite an appetite.

“Mexican Fender” is the second single off “Pacific Daydream,” following “Feels Like Summer” which was released in March. The upcoming EP will be Weezer’s 11th and the band intends to promote it with a North American tour kicking off in September.

Weezer visited the Stern Show in 2005, much to the delight of longtime CBS exec Vinnie Favale, who called in to sing the band’s praises. During the interview, lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s told Howard one of his muses was his own self-imposed celibacy. Get more on that story here.

Weezer’s “Pacific Daydream” is available Oct. 27. Watch the video for “Mexican Fender” (above).

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