VIDEO: The Chainsmokers Throw a Bloody Good Dinner Party in ‘You Owe Me’

Grammy-winning Stern Show guests simultaneously drop new single and its official vid

February 21, 2018

The Chainsmokers take wash, rinse, and repeat to a whole new level in their latest single and music video “You Owe Me.”

The short film (above) starts off light-hearted enough, with Alex Pall taking out some trash at the palatial abode he shares with bandmate Drew Taggart. From there, the Grammy-winning duo does a litany of seemingly rote chores: scrubbing dishes, removing spots, mopping floors, and ironing pants in their boxer briefs.

It’s not until a dinner party arrives that viewers get the first true sense of why the Stern Show veterans constantly seem to be cleaning and the video takes a violent, bloody turn when the song’s beat “drops.”

“You Owe Me” is the Chainsmokers second music video of 2018, following January’s “Sick Boy.” Both tracks are more somber than Alex and Drew’s chart-topping 2017 collaboration with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, “Something Just Like This.” When Andrew and Alex made their Stern Show debuts in 2017, they told Howard all about working with Chris on the hit song at his Malibu home. Listen to a clip from the Chainsmokers’ conversation with Howard (below) and watch their music video for “You Owe Me” (above).

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