VIDEO: Johnny Knoxville Heads Up a Makeshift Theme Park in Stunt-Heavy ‘Action Point’ Trailer

“Jackass” veteran adds a new twist to old tricks in the upcoming comedy

March 21, 2018

Johnny Knoxville is back with more wild stunts in the trailer for his upcoming comedy, “Action Point,” which hits theaters on June 1.

The longtime Stern Show guest plays the owner of a makeshift theme park which doesn’t seem all too safe. After a deluxe corporate theme park opens nearby, Johnny has to figure out how to compete.

“What this place needs is an excitement enema,” he says in the trailer. “We’re gonna make this place fast and loose.”

“Action Point,” which is partially based on a real New Jersey water park, is directed by Tim Kirkby (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Veep”) and also features the reprise of Knoxville’s “Bad Grandpa” makeup by the looks of the preview. Check it out (above).

“Action Point” will hit theaters June 1.

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