VIDEO: A Masked Superhero Dispenses Violent Street Justice in ‘El Chicano’ Trailer

Raúl Castillo and repeat Stern Show guest George Lopez star in the May crime drama

March 27, 2019

A jaded cop avenges his twin brother’s murder by putting on a mask and taking the law into his own hands in the trailer for “El Chicano,” an upcoming superhero flick starring Raúl Castillo and repeat Stern Show guest George Lopez.

Castillo plays L.A.P.D. Detective Diego Hernandez who gets assigned a career-making case and discovers links between a violent turf war raging in his neighborhood and his brother’s supposed suicide. After realizing playing by the book may not get him the answers he needs, Diego dons the costume of masked street legend El Chicano and starts putting the hurt on any criminals who get in his way.

“I tried doing what’s good … Now, I have to do what’s right. I have to become this,” the masked vigilante explains over imagery of him stabbing bad guys in the streets.

“El Chicano—the ghetto grim reaper,” Lopez’s character Captain Gomez later observes.

“El Chicano” is directed and co-written by Ben Hernandez Bray, a stunt coordinator turned filmmaker who previously directed episodes of several DC comics-inspired superhero series, including “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Supergirl,” and the aesthetically similar “Arrow.” The film, which premiered last year at the Los Angeles Film Festival, co-stars Aimee Garcia, Emilio Rivera, and Kate del Castillo.

“El Chicano” opens May 3 in theaters.

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