VIDEO: Sylvester Stallone Warns ‘Death Is Coming’ in First ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Trailer

“And there’s nothing they can do to stop it,” the iconic action character whispers in new video

May 30, 2019

Death is coming.

And for anyone standing in John Rambo’s way, that death is sure to be very, very painful. In the first trailer for “Rambo: Last Blood,” the bodies begin piling up left and right as Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as the iconic action hero, this time traveling to Mexico to rescue a friend’s daughter who’s been abducted by a dangerous cartel.

“All these years I’ve kept my secrets, but the time has come to face my past,” Stallone states in the trailer (above). “And if it comes looking for me, they will welcome death.”

Bullets, bombs, shooting arrows, and even a rake to the chest are all seen taking Rambo’s enemies out in the new movie, the fifth installment of the franchise. The final shot of the fast-paced trailer shows Stallone standing in front of a faceless adversary and plunging a knife deep inside of him.

“I want them to know that death is coming and there’s nothing they can do to stop it,” Sylvester whispers as the trailer concludes.

Words weren’t Rambo’s strong suit in the original cut of the first film. When Stallone was on the Stern Show in 2005, he told Howard he actually hated his dialogue in the movie so much, he wanted to buy the rights back from the studio just so he could burn every strip of film they’d shot.

“Originally it was three hours long,” Stallone revealed. “I was pontificating throughout the thing.”

In order to fix it, Stallone had many of his lines cut out of the film, bringing the movie’s runtime down to a tight 90 minutes. Watch him tell Howard and Robin the full story in the video (below).

“Rambo: Last Blood” opens in theaters Sept. 20.

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