Show Rundown: August 7, 2019

“The Great American Nightmare” remains Howard's choice to open the show

August 7, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

While the Stern Show has had a number of theme songs over the years, Howard reiterated Wednesday morning that Rob Zombie’s “Great American Nightmare” would remain the first thing listeners hear each morning.

“The song’s timeless,” he praised, recalling how he once joked about swapping it out and promptly got a call from Rob.

Thinking back to other theme songs on the air, Robin pointed out how Johnny Carson stuck with “Johnny’s Theme” by Paul Anka — which also served as the Stern’s Show opener on WNBC in the ’80s — for the entirety of his late-night career.

Look back at all of the songs that have been used to open the Stern Show over the years here.

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