VIDEO: Neil Young Shreds His Guitar and Loses His Temper in ‘Mountaintop’ Documentary Trailer

Oct. 22 film offers behind-the-scenes look at rocker’s upcoming album “Colorado”

October 15, 2019

A rock legend is desperate to lose his mind in the trailer for “Mountaintop,” an upcoming documentary about the making of “Colorado,” Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s first album in seven years.

Directed by Neil under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey, the film promises an unfiltered look at the laughter and tension-filled recording process of a band which has been making music for half a century. As the clip begins, Neil is jamming on his guitar and he and his band are trying to lay down the track “Help Me Lose My Mind.” But when the person manning the soundboard doesn’t do exactly what Neil wants, the 73-year-old rock icon and 2014 Stern Show guest loses his temper.

“I’ll tell you what, turn this fucking thing off,” he says (above). “If this is all you can do I don’t fucking need it.”

Of course, Neil and his band play on and they eventually get the music sounding just how they want it. “It’s a great fucking sound,” Neil admits just as the clip ends.

“Mountaintop” opens Oct. 22.

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