VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx Celebrate Quentin Tarantino in Documentary About the Iconic Filmmaker

Kurt Russell, Lucy Liu, Eli Roth, and the late Robert Forster also lend their perspective to “QT8: The First Eight,” arriving in December

October 25, 2019

Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx are just two of the big stars celebrating filmmaker and fellow Stern Show veteran Quentin Tarantino in the trailer for the documentary “QT8: The First Eight,” arriving in December.

“Everyone is standing in the Quentin Tarantino line to work, I don’t care who they are,” Foxx, the Oscar-winning star of “Django Unchained,” explains (above) over quick cuts from many of the movies Quentin has written and directed, as well as animated sequences and exclusive interviews with many of his film’s stars.

“There’s no dishonesty in anything that he writes, or how people talk, feel, or speak,” adds Jackson, who has been featured in six Tarantino films, including “The Hateful Eight,” which he sat down with Howard to discuss back in 2016.

“Inglourious Basterds” star and Stern Show guest Eli Roth also lends his perspective to the documentary along with Hollywood heavyweights like Kurt Russell, Christoph Waltz, Tim Roth, Lucy Liu, Zoë Bell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Diane Kruger, Michael Madsen, and the late Robert Forster. If the trailer is any indication, a large part of the Tara Wood-directed film focuses on the fact Tarantino previously stated he would only direct 10 films before hanging up his megaphone and clapperboard for good. Considering July’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has been billed as his 9th effort, he might now only have one left.

When visiting the Stern Show in 2012, however, Tarantino suggested those plans might not be set in stone. “If I’m 67 and I can still make a movie and I come up with a cool story, maybe I’ll do it. But I don’t want to be an old man, film director, past his prime. I don’t want to be a director whose best work is behind him,” he told Howard at the time. “I want my best work to be in front of me.”

During Jackson’s last visit to the Stern Show, meanwhile, he said plenty about his relationship with Tarantino, even opening up about the time he called the director out after one of his particularly violent scenes in “Django Unchained” was left on the cutting room floor. “I took time to do it and, you know, I felt great when I was doing it, and I know what kind of impact it’ll have on an audience—and when it’s not there, it’s like, ‘aw, what the fuck!’” Jackson told Howard with a laugh. Take a listen (below).

“QT8: The First Eight” is available Dec. 3 on demand.

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