AUDIO: Jewel Releases ‘No More Tears,’ Her First New Song in 4 Years

New music featured in upcoming documentary "Lost in America," which the singer-songwriter also co-produced

November 15, 2019

Singer-songwriter and celebrity Stern Show superfan Jewel is back with her first piece of music in four years, the touching piano ballad “No More Tears.” The song appears on the upcoming documentary “Lost in America,” which tackles the homeless youth epidemic and is co-produced by Jewel alongside actresses Rosario Dawson and Halle Berry.

With lyrics such as “Heartbreak is like the weather ravaging my soul … storms are followed by the most beautiful blue skies and I will keep carrying on,” the track takes a deep dive into some of the issues facing young people living on the streets.

Jewel, of course, has a long history with the Stern Show, from performing a touching tribute to Eric the Actor to interpreting the Howard-penned tune “Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes.” Check her belt it out in this 2013 appearance (below).

“Lost in America” hits theaters on Nov. 15.

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