VIDEO: Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried Pick the Wrong Spot for an Idyllic Family Vacation in ‘You Should Have Left’ Trailer

Jason Blum-produced haunted house flick arrives June 19 on demand

June 8, 2020

All hell breaks loose after Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried book a haunted AirBnB for their much-needed family vacation in “You Should Have Left,” arriving later this month on demand.

David Koepp (“Mortdecai”) wrote and directed the psychological horror flick which stars Bacon as a successful but jealous middle-aged man named Theo who takes his secretive younger wife Susanna (Seyfried) and precocious six-year-old daughter Ella (Avery Essex) on a family trip to the Welsh countryside. Things take a turn for the bizarre when Ella notices strange shadows moving on the wall and Theo discovers the house somehow measure larger on the inside than the outside and strangeness gives way to horror as the family gets visited by creepy strangers in bathtubs and, well, another Kevin Bacon. Needless to say, the madness only serves to add more tension to Theo and Susanna’s already fraught relationship.

“Do you like it here?” Bacon’s character asks her at one point.

“No. Do you?” Seyfried’s character responds.

“I hate it,” he says.

Jason Blum (“The Purge”) produced “You Should Have Left,” which Koepp adapted from Daniel Kehlmann’s German novella of the same name. Believe it or not, the German language was a major topic of conversation when Bacon visited the Stern Show in 2013. When discussing his role as a multilingual villain in “X-Men: First Class,” the actor told Howard filmmakers actually provided him with a rather unorthodox German tutor to help him learn his lines on set. “A $150 million movie and they sent me a dog trainer,” Kevin told Howard with a laugh.

“You Should Have Left” debuts June 19 on video on demand.

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