AUDIO: Iconic New Wave Band the Go-Go’s Drop ‘Club Zero,’ First Song in 19 Years

Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, and company’s new track arrives along with a Showtime documentary celebrating the band

August 3, 2020

The Go-Go’s are back … and they’ve got something to say.

The platinum-selling new wave icons just released “Club Zero,” their first original song in 19 years. Band members Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock, and Kathy Valentine collaborated on the self-produced track via email, releasing it alongside the premiere of their new documentary “The Go-Go’s.”

“Hey, we’ve got something to say. ‘Gonna make the world shake. Ready or not here we are,” Carlisle sings in the poppy, up-tempo anthem harkening back to some of their classic singles like “We Got the Beat” and “Head Over Heels.”

“I was reading about the Zero Zero Club, which was an underground, after-hours club in Hollywood in the ‘80s,” rhythm guitarist Wiedlin said in a statement. “I thought about how cool that title was. I just felt that the point of that song was the perfect thing for the Go-Go’s to say in 2020. We’re not putting up with this whole boys’ club anymore. It’s fucking bullshit. And that’s what ‘Club Zero’ is: ‘Zero fucks given.’ It felt like what people needed to hear right now.”

“As they say in ‘Club Zero,’ they’re ‘the new MVPs of the 21st century.’ They’ve gone through an awful lot in life and have a lot to share. They have the tone and attitude that we need right now. They’re all very political and engaged and care a lot about what’s happening. And I think that even though everyone still calls them ‘the girls,’ they are in fact women with a lot of heart and soul,” adds Alison Ellwood, who directed the band’s new Showtime doc.

As Stern Show fans may recall, Belinda and Jane visited the Stern Show back in 1994. The duo performed an acoustic version of the Go-Go’s song “The Whole World Lost Its Head.” Check it out (below).

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