VIDEO: Howard Celebrates 15 Years of the Stern Show on Satellite Radio

He also reexamines co-host Robin Quivers' wild revelation and the show's inaugural run-in with Wack Packer Mark the Bagger

January 20, 2021

Howard set aside time Wednesday to celebrate a decade-and-a-half of broadcasting on satellite radio. “This month, believe it or not, marks 15 years since we moved to satellite radio. It’s our anniversary,” he told longtime co-host Robin Quivers. “I’m going to celebrate our anniversary by reminding you of a few things.”

“I remember signing onto this service and everyone told me how it was going to fail and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,” he continued.

“Oh yeah. We were making a big mistake,” Robin said sarcastically.

“Trust me, you should all make mistakes like this,” Howard laughed before explaining how moving away from terrestrial radio allowed the show to become even more autonomous. “Being on satellite was freeing, liberating. We could broadcast uncensored without having to worry about the FCC,” he said.

Howard and Robin fondly recalled a variety moments from the Stern Show’s inaugural Sirius broadcasts, including epic musical performances, uncensored recordings of a broadcaster in heat, an unforgettable prank on actor George Takei, and the discovery of soon-to-be Wack Packer Mark the Bagger. Howard even played a clip from the show’s first conversation with Mark, during which he discussed his sexuality, his mother, and what he’d be willing to do with the King of All Media behind a Duane Reade.

They revisited several wild revelations the staff made during their first month on satellite, too. “The Robin reveal was about masturbating with vegetables, which I thought was very, very interesting,” Howard reminded listeners.

Meat and vegetables,” she corrected as Howard played a clip from the memorable 2006 segment (above).

They also looked back at extraordinary revelations from staffer JD Harmeyer, who copped to losing his virginity to someone he met on MySpace, a $10,000 porn habit, and to using the online moniker of “DaBa,” a.k.a. Da Badass.

“That’s when he told us that? Wow!” Robin said after hearing the clip.

“This was jam-packed radio—that first month, 15 years ago,” Howard said. “I gotta say. I was quite impressed with the quality of the show. It was wild,” he added.

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