Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH Releases New Songs and Music Video

“Don’t Back Down” and “Think It Over” appear on the rocker and recent Stern Show guest’s June 11 debut album

March 26, 2021

Wolfgang Van Halen just debuted two new songs, “Don’t Back Down” and “Think It Over.” The tracks will appear on Mammoth WVH’s self-titled debut, arriving June 11.

“Don’t Back Down” (above) is filled with hard-hitting riffs which would no doubt make Wolfgang’s late father—guitar god Eddie Van Halen—proud. It comes accompanied by a music video in which Wolfgang simultaneously handles drums, guitar, bass, and vocals on the tune, poking fun at the fact he wrote every song on the Mammoth WVH album and recorded each vocal and instrumental track himself.

“Think It Over” (below), meanwhile, highlights the 30-year-old musician’s softer side. It was reportedly shared to tease the diverse sounds contained within the forthcoming album.

“Don’t Look Back” and “Think It Over” are Mammoth WVH’s most recent releases, but the first track Wolfgang shared was “Distance,” a heart-wrenching tribute to his father who passed away in October following a long battle with cancer. That music video arrived in mid-November, the very same day Wolfgang made his Stern Show debut. It was the rocker’s first public appearance since his dad’s death and he opened up to Howard about a variety of topics, including the close connection he and his father had enjoyed, the grief he’d felt since his passing, and why “Distance”—and its emotional music video filled with home footage of the two of them together—had meant so much to him.

“When [Eddie died], it was like let’s finish [‘Distance’]. Let’s have that be the first song. Let’s put it out for Dad,” Wolfgang told Howard. Check out the full interview here.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s “Mammoth WVH” arrives June 11.

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