VIDEO: Bobo Details His Electric Scooter Accident

“I went up in the air and slammed on the ground,” the frequent caller tells Howard of the accident

May 4, 2021

Award-winning driving instructor Bobo already had a tarnished road record after an alleged banana-related car accident was unearthed earlier this year. Now the frequent caller has owned up to a recent mishap on his electric scooter. “I went off the pavement, which I shouldn’t have done. I went up in the air and slammed on the ground,” he recounted for Howard on Monday morning. “But listen to this, the Apple Watch I had alerted me that I had a hard fall and they asked me if I wanted medical assistance.”

“Bobo’s a dare devil,” Howard teased after hearing the details of the incident.

While Bobo continued to heap praise on Apple for being able to sense a possible injury, co-host Robin Quivers wasn’t nearly as impressed. “If that watch really had any sense, it would have said, ‘Bobo, you’re not supposed to drive a scooter,’” she joked.

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