Ronnie Mund Has Issues With Stephanie Keeping Photos of Former Flames

She has tons of f-cking books … a lot of them [are] a bunch of bullsh-t,” Howard’s longtime driver complains

June 28, 2021

They might be packing up as they prepare to move to Las Vegas soon, but Stern Show staffer Ronnie Mund has a different sort of baggage to contend with—pictures his fiancée Stephanie keeps of former flames. “She has tons of fucking books … a lot of them [are] a bunch of bullshit,” he complained Monday of some of his partner’s photo albums, as well as other mementos. “She has … any kind of greeting card you can think of that she’s received in her life, it’s fucking insane.”

The issue came up when, in the middle of going through some old things, Ronnie came across a photo of one of his exes. “After I showed it to her, I ripped it up right in front of her and threw it in the garbage … that’s how I found out about it,” he said before explaining Stephanie doesn’t seem to take her old photos out all that often. “I don’t know if she even looks at it, I mean this shit was covered in dust.”

While he was unhappy about it at first, Ronnie’s continued work in therapy and with hypnotist Scott Schmaren seemed to help manage his anger. “I got a little annoyed about it but then I kind of let it go and then I talked to my shrink,” Howard’s longtime driver explained before sharing the advice he received. “Life goes on. If she wants to keep her memories, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

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