Medicated Pete Interviews and Freestyle Raps With Ice-T in a Preview for His Upcoming Summer Show

Rapper and actor appears talks to the Wack Packer about his new film, “Equal Standard”

June 30, 2021

Howard set aside a few minutes Wednesday morning to preview Big Dick Energy With Medicated Pete, one of the Stern Show’s many star-studded summer offerings.

“[Pete’s] dream is to be in show business,” Howard told listeners before playing a few clips from the show. “We thought he’d be an interesting talk show host, and we gave him an audition. We even booked him a real-life celebrity: actor and rapper Ice-T.”

“The world was his oyster,” Howard continued, explaining the former Stern Show intern turned Wack Packer had a month to prepare for the interview but didn’t bother researching the guest.

“You’d think he’d jump on the chance!” a shocked Robin Quivers said.

When it came time for the real deal, Medicated Pete’s Ice-T interview got off to a rough start as he repeatedly asked the rap icon, longtime “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” actor, and recent phony phone call guest star variations of the same question: “What’s up?”

Ice-T was a great sport about the whole thing, of course. He graciously participated in an acting-themed segment, playing a cop tasked with interrogating the Wack Packer for a heinous crime. Later, he and Medicated Pete even teamed up on a freestyle rap.

“I’m giving Ice-T a medal,” Howard said after hearing more clips. “He was a gentleman. He was so nice.”

Medicated Pete’s mom, who previously visited the studio for Wack Pack Feud, made a well-received appearance, too. Having clearly done more research than her son, she complimented Ice-T on his music, acting, reality show, and new film “Equal Standard.”

Feeling upstaged, Medicated Pete quickly ushered his mom off. But Ice-T was a fan. “That’s what’s up,” he said of Medicated Pete’s mom, adding, “Hey, you got a nice mom, Pete.”

“Ice-T, sorry man—she just rambles on,” Medicated Pete responded.

Howard and Robin couldn’t help but laugh at the irony as Medicated Pete apparently rambled on so much himself during the interview that the Stern Show finally had to intervene and put an end to things.

“We had to stop the show so Ice-T could get going,” Howard said. “The guy was being held prisoner.”

Big Dick Energy With Medicated Pete debuts this summer on Howard 100. “Equal Standard” is available on Blu-ray and DVD July 8.

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