Gary Dell’Abate Has Sold Off the Majority of His Vinyl Record Collection

“It was less than I thought,” executive producer tells Howard of the price he got

September 20, 2021

Gary Dell’Abate is well known for collecting “pieces of vinyl” but on Monday the Stern Show executive producer admitted to the unthinkable. Having moved recently, Gary recently sold around 2,000 records, keeping just 200 of his beloved records.

Howard’s longtime producer explained how he’d found an interested buyer through music executive Harvey Leeds and that both Harvey and D.J. Meg Griffin had sold their collection to this same person. “I kept a lot of the box sets, I kept most of the Springsteen … but I also had a lot of stuff that I really just didn’t need, and I just didn’t have room for,” Gary said.

After revealing that he’s also considering selling his jukebox and some of his animated cel collection, Gary noted his vinyl wasn’t as valuable as he had hoped. “It was less than I thought … it was about $3,000,” he recalled. “I think the problem was a lot of the records in my collection had been in a flood. I would say like a third of them were kind of wrecked.”

“I bet you Meg’s vinyl is pristine,” Howard jokingly said of his SiriusXM and former WRNW colleague. “She would never, ever allow her vinyl to be in a flood … she would just get underneath her vinyl and hold it up over her head.”

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