AUDIO: Beetlejuice Gets Romantic in New ‘Me and You’ Love Song

“You can hear the raw emotion in his voice,” Howard says of Wack Packer’s latest work

February 14, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Known more for his work in hip hop, Beetlejuice has returned to the studio—but this time, and apropos of it being Valentine’s Day, he’s taken a more romantic approach. “Every once in a while, he will show a softer, more emotional side,” Howard said Monday of the Wack Packer’s “Me & You.” “Beetle was in a vulnerable place when he recorded this track … you can hear the raw emotion in his voice.”

After listening to the song, which features interesting vocals from Beetlejuice over guitar work from Stern Show staffer Steve Nowicki, Howard shared his thoughts. “The late Kurt Cobain never annunciated either. It’s a style choice,” he said of the Wack Packer’s singing.

“I can see a lot of first dances going off to this song,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

Listen to “Me & You” in full (below).

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