Richard Christy Admits to Pleasuring Himself to a Bass Fishing Catalog

“It was just a woman holding an inner tube that was for sale in the catalog and all of a sudden this weird feeling came over me,” Stern Show staffer tells Howard of the inspiration for his first orgasm

May 9, 2022

It was just last week that Richard Christy admitted to masturbating in his toy box as a kid, but on Monday morning he revealed the sort of material he was likely pleasuring himself to in there. “The first time I ever had like an actual orgasm, I didn’t even touch myself—I was looking at a Bass Pro Shop’s catalog,” the Stern Show staffer revealed to Howard. “I was laying in my bed … and it was just a woman holding an inner tube that was for sale in the catalog and, all of a sudden, this weird feeling came over me. I was like, ‘What the hell’s happening?’ … I passed out and I woke up and there was a mess all over myself.”

It wasn’t the only unorthodox material Richard wound up using. “My dad had a subscription to this magazine called Fur-Fish-Game and … one of the issues had an ad for a boat,” he recalled. “It had two women in bikinis like way in the background of the boat and that was material for like a year.”

Eventually graduating to actual pornographic material, the staffer went on to describe the lengths he and his friends would go to obtain it. “We were like little Indiana Joneses when we went through puberty,” Richard said before noting the rock quarries near where he grew up were ripe with smut. “We knew like all of the guys that drove the heavy equipment were kind of pervs … We’d break into the rock quarry at night with flashlights and, sure enough, under the front-end loader’s seat there would be a pile of dirty magazines.”

Though Richard wound up paying for porn at some point, he remained frugal in his pursuit. “I used to buy used dirty magazines at the pawn shop when I lived in Missouri and literally the pages would be stuck together,” he admitted. “You’d get like five of them for a dollar.”

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