Robin Quivers Opens Up About Her Harry Styles Crush

“It’s this feeling of surrender. I could just melt into him,” Howard’s co-host says of “Boyfriends” singer

June 9, 2022

Robin Quivers has played “Would You Rather?” with her celebrity crushes in the past but there’s evidently a new player in the game—recent Stern Show guest Harry Styles. “Oh my God … He’s something to watch,” Howard’s co-host remarked Wednesday as she clutched her heart before elaborating some more. “It’s this feeling of surrender. I could just melt into him.”

In this instance, beauty runs way more than skin deep. “There’s something about him,” Robin admitted. “He’s spiritual, you know? That whole attitude about supporting other people’s right to be whoever they are and his fluidity, I mean all of it just works—the green necklace, everything.”

Howard pitted Harry against other desired stars, including Timothée Chalamet, Brad Pitt, and even Sean Connery, but none could match Mr. Styles. That is until Jake Gyllenhaal’s name came up. “I knew you were going to do that to me,” Robin said with a laugh. “I gotta go with Jake … I was just reading about [him].”

“I bet you were,” Howard teased in response.

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