Benjy Bronk Attempts to Explain Dramatic Weight Loss

“It’s hard to get an answer out of you … it goes on and on,” Howard says as longtime staffer struggles to reveal his methods

June 15, 2022

When Benjy Bronk came on to chat during Wednesday’s Stern Show, Howard immediately noticed a big change in his longtime staffer’s appearance. “I think from the highest I’ve ever been on the show, I’ve lost like 100 lbs.,” Benjy confirmed of his physical transformation.

After it was discovered that Benjy’s new, male therapist said he talks in circles, the patient backed that theory up as he struggled to detail how he shed the pounds. “Mostly, it’s by reducing calories.” he said. “Reducing the calories is what made me lose the weight.”

“There’s a lot of ways to reduce calories, how did you reduce calories?” Howard responded before expanding on the assessment of his staffer. “Some people would say, ‘Oh, I went on Weight Watchers’ … it’s hard to get an answer out of you … it goes on and on.”

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate suggested Benjy could have simply said he cut calories by weighing his food, but that was met with pushback. “You could keep reducing that answer,” Benjy defended. “How did I weigh the food? I had a food scale. How did I get a food scale? I ordered one on Amazon. How did I get Amazon?”

“It’s happening again,” Howard pointed out in frustration. “There are so many circles I’m dizzy.”

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